About Us

Word of Hope Ministries is  a non-profit-making Christian literature ministry based in the United Kingdom.  We seek to make the message of the Christian Scriptures accessible to people from non-Christian backgrounds – especially Muslims.

When  we  meet  Muslims  we often find that they have  several misunderstandings and misconceptions about the Christian faith. So  Word of Hope Ministries seeks  to :

1) Objectively present to our Muslim friends what true followers of Jesus  believe and practice.
2) Give clear and precise answers  to the questions and accusations they  bring against the Bible and the Christian faith.
3) Clear up misunderstandings.
4) Clarify the foundations of the Christian faith.
5)  Provide Christians with resources they can read themselves and pass on to their  Muslim friends.

Word of Hope’s primary publishing focus is gospel-centered, Bible-based, and  culturally sensitive materials. We have now produced several evangelistic booklets and tracts for sale at a low cost. Our series entitled Serious Answers to Sincere Questions provides Muslims with clear, detailed, biblical and compassionate answers to questions that they often ask about the Christian faith, including:

  • Has the Bible been changed?
  • How can God have a Son?
  • Did someone else die in jesus’ place?
  • Do Christians worship three gods?
  • Is Muhammad mentioned in the Bible?

and many others.

Some of our literature can be used for general evangelism. For example, our most-sold tract, How can there be a God when there is so much suffering? is a leaflet that many people have found helpful. Can I know God? from the ‘Serious Answers to Sincere Questions’ series can also be given to anybody.

Please visit our catalogue  which describes all the literature available.

How do I order?

You can order on line directly from our catalogue.  Information concerning how to pay for orders  can be found on this page.

Our  prayer is that God will richly bless you as you benefit from these resources. We give praise to our loving, holy, just, gracious and merciful God of whom this ministry endeavours to speak. God alone is worthy, and so to Him be all praise and worship, both now and forever.

Word of Hope Team.